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Visco/Innnerspring Combo Mattress
Visco/Innnerspring Combo Mattress
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Ez Adjust Bed Rail
Ez Adjust Bed Rail
MSRP: $399.00
Your Price: $349.99
You Save: 12 %
Ez Adjust Bed Rail

BMS Sells and Ships FlexaBed Luxury Hospital Bed Mattresses in the following sizes:

  • King

  • Queen

  • Full Size

  • Twin

Bradford Medical Supply will respond quickly to help you and your family select the correct luxury hospital bed mattress. Bradford will help you assess your requirements and will respond quickly to help you and your family select the right equipment. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us toll free at 1 877 580-5757.

For an in depth discussion of the basics of buying and renting luxury hospital bed mattresses click on the following link that takes you to the Luxury Hospital Bed Mattress Renter's and Buyer's Guide

For detailed information regarding Flex-a-Bed luxury hospital beds and mattresses

Luxury Bed Flex-A-Bed Mattress Information (Manufacturer's Guide)

Luxury Bed Flex-A-Bed Heights

Luxury Bed Flex-A-Bed Clearances

Flex-A-Bed Remotes

Flex-A-Bed Dual Massage Motor Operation

FlexaBed - Production Schedule

Flex-A-Bed has no inventory each bed is made upon request.

Flex-A-Bed typically takes

  • 10 business days to produce a luxury hospital bed.
  • 5 business days to ship and deliver a luxury hospital bed.

BMS - Shipping Policy

BMS Pays for Shipping

BMS will ensure Flex-A-Bed delivers of the luxury hospital bed of your choice to your door in 10 to 15 business days. Bradford Medical Supply will cover the cost of outbound freight from FlexaBed to anywhere in the country to your chosen destination.

Flex-A-Bed Customer Delivery Options

The buyer has several options for receiving the purchase from FlexaBed. These options are as follows:
  • 1.) Notification for Delivery Fee by Residential Gate Services - $20
  • This is an optional fee imposed by local carriers. To be notified at least one (1) day in advance this fee is required by local carriers.

  • 2.) Residential Curb Service - $55
  • The driver will deliver your chair to the curb of your house and you are responsible for getting in your house and set up.

  • 3.) "White Glove" Service - $295
  • The driver will bring the chair inside your house (on the first floor), assemble the unit as required, then remove and dispose of all packing and shipping material.

  • 4.) 1 Year Service Warranty - $75
  • A 1 year service warranty is required for all "white Glove" services