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King Hi-Lo - Full Electric Bed - 76 X 80 (No Massage)

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Your Price: $6,590.00
Item Number: Full Electric Hospital Bed - Dual King 76 X 80
Manufacturer: Flex a Bed
Manufacturer Part No: Full Electric Hospital Bed - Dual King 76 X 80
The fact is, you will spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping. Why not do it comfortably in your very own Flex-a-Bed? Whether you need relief from minor aches and pains, or simply like to read a good book or watch television before dropping off to sleep, Flex-a-Bed is the answer. Your Flex-a-Bed comes with beautiful walnut finished trim panels to hide the motors and frame underneath. Ball casters are used to make it easy for you to move your Flex-a-Bed while making it up, or when vacuuming. Features
Independent Head and Foot Operation
Convenient Storage for Hand Controller
Wood Trim Panels
Heavy Duty Locking Casters
Plush, Double-Sided Mattress
The Very Best Burlington Fabric
Attractive Quilted Mattress
Retainer Bar
Offered in All Sizes
Equipped with Head Board Brackets
15 Year Limited Warranty on the Entire Bed