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    98% of people who come to use four different internet web browsers; Internet Explorer (54%), Safari (16%), FireFox (18%), Chrome (4%) and Android (4%).

    Internet/Web Browsers are like Television Sets

    Internet web browsers are a lot like televisons. When you go to a store that has different television brands for sale, usually they are all on the same channel. Did you ever notice that what's on the screen of every brand on the same channel looks slightly different?

    I missed a lot of business from the internet because I only developed using Chrome (barely anyone sees it there). So I started developing primarily for MSIE and Safari and subsequently for FireFox and Chrome.

    When I implemented "browser detection for CSS" that makes the site appear the same in different browsers, my Bounce Rate fell dramatically from 50% to 1%.

    Adsense (Google Advertising) Explained

    Adsense (Google Advertising) bring together three parties:

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  • Benefits of Others Advertising on

  • Makes You More Productive!
  • Provides revenue for me, which keeps costs/prices low for customers.
  • Why does BMS allow competition to advertise

    First and foremost I am not afraid of them. I welcome fair competition. "Bring it!"

    I avoided Adsense (Google Advertising) for years. I spent so much time and effort on SEO (search engine optimitization) and developing my brand and "store front" I thought, "Why should I send them to my competition?"

    Upon reflection I realized there are several reasons why. However, there is only one reason that's most important; Either way, customers who buy and customers who don't are leaving my website anyway!

    I am not some kind of meglomaniac who believes everyone will love my website and buy from me. I don't carry everything, everyone. A potential client that will come here and not find what they are looking for, won't like the pricing or want to keep looking for whatever reason.

    The reason clients and customer use the inernet; is they are trying to find something deemed relevant to their needs. When I put the two most important reason togther the realization hit me like (in my best Roger Rabbit impression) "a ton of bricks". If they leave my website anyway, "Why not get paid when they do?"