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Luxury Bed Mattress Rental Information

Bradford Medical Supply offers Flex-a-Bed ValueFlex 10" medium innerspring luxury hospital bed mattress with every twin and full sized luxury bed we rent. Listed below are the technical specifications of the mattresses that come standard with twin and full luxury beds:

  • 336-coil, 13 gauge bonnell spring unit.

  • a. Heat tempered steel b. Each coil 5½" tall with 5 turns per coil for maximum support.
  • Flexnet covers top and bottom of spring unit for strength & durability.(leno netting made of polyester fibers)
  • 1.25" high density Comfortlayer of 1.5# foam on top of flexnet and spring unit provides your customers with a firmness choice of soft, medium, or extra firm.* Firmness obtained through ILD (indent load deflection) of foam(soft - 28, medium - 33, extra firm - 39).Flexabed does not change the density to obtain ILD. ILD's are obtained through cell structure.
  • Plush multi-layered, quilted cushion top on all sleeping surfaces. Hi-density super soft foam.
  • Entire mattress is innerbonded to insure durability and superb tailoring throughout the life of the mattress.
  • Soft damask ticking with matching quilted border to create an elegant look.
  • Finely tailored with no splicing of tape edge or borders.
  • Three firmness choices on mattresses on all models, as well as alternative mattresses available on our Premier Model 780 and HiLow Model 185 only.

Luxury Full Electric Bed Rental

Click on this link to RENT a FlexaBed Luxury Hospital Bed

Luxury vs. Hospital Bed Mattress - Compare and Contrast

Luxury bed mattresses are differ from standard hospital beds in many respects and also share some similarities. Luxury hospital bed mattresses:

  • are 10" minimum thickness instead of 7" for a standard hospital bed (7" in thick luxury matteresses are available by special request)
  • are 38" wide (standard hospital bed 35")
  • are available in sizes from Twin to King. Standard bed mattresses available in twin size only.
  • foldable in two places. Standard bed mattreses also have this characterisitic.
  • come in many degrees of thickeness, firmness and comfort (see descriptions below)
  • are available in innerspring, foam, visco foam, latex and natural rubber. Standard bed are available in innerspring or foam only.
  • have the option of dual massage.
  • last longer and hold up better over time than standard mattresses

Luxury Semi Electric Hospital Bed Rental

Click this link to BUY a Luxury Full Electric
Click this link to RENT a Luxury Full Electric

Luxury Hospital Bed Mattress Buyers Guides

Bradford Medical Supply offers Flex-a-Bed luxury hospital bed mattresses for sale:

  • Visco Memory Foam Core Innerspring Mattress (10")
  • Visco Memory Foam Core Mattress (10")
  • Latex Core Mattress (10")
  • Low Profile Polyurethane Core (7")

Luxury Full Electric Bed Rental

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Flex-a-Bed Value-Line and Hi-Low Luxury Bed Standard Mattress Information

The Flex-A-Bed Product Guide 2011 talks about the Flex-a-Bed mattress product line in detail.

Luxury Full Electric Bed Rental

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Flex-a-Bed Value-Line and Hi-Low Luxury Hospital Bed Mattress Information

Flex-a-Bed Value-Line and Hi-Low luxury hospital beds come standard with a medium, firm or extra firm innerspring mattress.

  • Soft Innerspring Mattress - ValueFlex (10")
  • Medium Innerspring Mattress - ValueFlex (10")
  • Firm Innerspring Mattress - ValueFlex (10")

Luxury Full Electric Bed Rental

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Premier Luxury Hospital Bed Mattress Upgrade Information

Premier Model 780 and HiLow Model 185 only

The full, queen and king sizes have several choices of mattress upgrades:

  • Visco Memory Foam Combo/Innerspring Mattress - 10"

  • 336-coil, 13 gauge Bonnell spring unit with 1.25" visco memory foam on top of spring unit, covered with our 4-layer cushion top on one side.
  • Visco Core Memory Foam Core Mattress - 10"

  • 7½" Visco memory foam core with our 4-layer cushion top. Solid Core - laminated 2" visco, 5½" polyurethane foam
  • Latex Core Mattress - 10"

100% Natural Rubber Latex, Tallalay, 7½" core with our 4-layer quilted cushion top. Solid Core - laminated 2" latex, 5½" polyurethane foam

Luxury Full Electric Bed Rental

Click on this link to BUY a Flex-a-Bed Premier Luxury Bed Mattress

FlexaBed Luxury Bed Mattress Buyers Additional Information

Flex-a-Bed luxury hospital bed mattress upgrades are available only for the Premier line of Flex-a-Bed luxury beds. A complete discussion of the mattresses Flex-a-Bed has to offer is contained in the Flex-A-Bed Mattress Information brochure. Additional information regarding the beds are contained in the links below.

FlexaBed Value-Line, Premier and Hi-Low Luxury Bed & Mattress Information

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies mattresses are made for standard twin to a king size frame. Golden Technologies mattresses come in medium firmness only.

Flex-a-Bed mattresses or temperpedic mattresses can be substituted on a Golden Technologies frame.